We’re equipped to fix any problem with your Macintosh. We are a full-service facility, and the scope of our offerings goes way beyond hardware repair. Whether Microsoft Word is unexpectedly quitting, you need some expert assistance upgrading to Snow Leopard, or you need on-site IT professionals for your business, we can take care of your needs.

Technical support  is available 7AM to 6PM weekdays.

24/7 service contract available. We are trained to bring quick resolution to many problems. You may reach us by phone at 513 772 7362.

Click here to contact us via eMail.

We offer complete remote service as well as on site solutions.

  1. Troubleshooting and Problem Solving.

  2. Purchasing Advice and Installation.

  3. Mac OS X Installation.

  4. New Computer Setup.

  5. Data Recovery (even on a dead Mac), including Floppies and Zip Disks.

  6. Microsoft Windows Installation and Support on Intel Macs.

  7. Preventive Maintenance.

  8. Internet, Wireless and Wired Networks.

  9. Hard Drive Cleanup.

  10. Recycle assistance and Media Sanitization (NIST)

  11. POS installation

  12. Personalized Training.

  13. Upgrades

  14. Support Macs Running Mac OS 6.03 to 10.6.x.


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Migration from Windows to Mac.

Integration of IPad, iPhone in your workflow.

Integrate your Mac in  a Windows environment.